The Website of Mr. Lion Water

I am an anonymous Internet user. I value privacy, freedom and common sense. I am on a mission to both utilize the Internet and to teach people how to use the Internet in a way that allows people to remain anonymous and free. To be sure, I do have other computers where I use my real name and profiles, etc. I am actually work online as a digital marketer. I am well versed with and use Google services and Facebook daily. However, that's for my employment. For my personal life, I am known online (since April 1st, 2021; yes I see the date and no it's not part of a joke) only as: Mr. Lion Water; Full name: Lion Bear Water. I will make this website look a little nicer in time. For now, I'm just getting the basic info up in raw HTML.

My Motto for Engaging with the Internet

These systems and processes will be explained in further detail in the future. However, for now, here's the short version:

Why Am I Using

I am old enough and have been around long enough to remember and have used Geocities, which was an awesome service. Neocities brings me back to the good old days of hand coding and building websites. This is a lost art these days, because people can simply install WordPress with a few clicks. Fewer people actually know how to code at least HTML. One of my missions is to make or create a whole tribe of anonymous buddies that build, maintain and promote hand coded websites. The service of choice that I will be promoting is of course Neocities -- because Neocities is awesome.

My Income

I do not use any of my real life bank accounts, personal information, real name or anything else with my Mr. Lion Waters pseudonym. Therefore, my intention is to figure out how to create an anonymous wallet, and somehow earn crypto online, so that I can fund various ventures and ideas. The first thing I want to do is register an Unstoppable Domain, which costs $40. I currently do not have the ability to do that. I will put my thinking cap on and figure out how I can get it done. For now, this Neocities subdomain will do the job just fine.

Aah, that was so refreshing. I haven't hand coded a full page of HTML for over 15 years. That felt good! I'll be back to add more content soon.

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